West Park Rehab celebrated 21 years as a physical therapy provider in Venango County, Pennsylvania.

The practice now employs over 20 individuals, and most of the West Park therapists have been with the company for over 10 years. All of the physical therapists employed by West Park Rehab hold an advanced license and are qualified to provide Direct Access physical therapy. Direct Access simply means that a patient can go directly to their physical therapist without a referral. Most insurances allow for this type of self – referral.

At the Pone Lane location, the therapists have been aligned into therapeutic focus teams. Each physical therapist and a licensed assistant focus on a particular region of the body. Edward St. Clair, DPT and Melissa Crocker, PTA, primarily treat the upper limbs to include the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. Edward St. Clair is a board-certified hand specialist. Jessica Collins, DPT and Lisa Cassagne, PTA focus on the spine. Jessica Collins has completed extensive coursework in one of the most effective forms of non-surgical back treatment called the McKenzie Method. Treatment of the lower extremity is led by Beth Carr, DPT and Caitlin Masterson, PTA. This team focuses on the hip, knee, and ankle. They also provide consultation for wheelchair seating and work with patients who have had amputations. This team also utilizes an overhead harness system that supports patients who have difficulty walking or are at risk for falls.

Also new in 2019, West Park Rehab created West Park Diagnostics as it expanded its services to include diagnostic testing. West Park Diagnostics became one of the newest franchises to join the Hands On Diagnostics (HODS) group. The practice began training to perform NCS/EMG test and diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSKUS) as part of a nationally accredited residency and fellowship program. Currently, Jessica Collins, DPT performs the NCS/EMG test on patients who have suspected nerve problems stemming from the neck or arms. Ultrasound imaging of the rotator cuff, elbow and hand are performed by Eddie St.Clair, DPT, CHT and testing for the hip, knee and ankles are performed by Beth Carr, DPT. These tests are performed at the Franklin location in Pennsylvania.

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